Angela cleaning Sir Thomas

Cleaning Sir Thomas

Cleaning challenges The life of an art restorer is seldom dull! While the day-to-day practicalities…

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art restoration

Art restoration: 7 reasons

#1 Art restoration preserves beauty and meaning for future generations Gradually, artworks can fade, darken and…

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rust stain

Rust stain on a compass card

Rust stain on an 18th century compass card The ferrous magnet within the structure of…

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Mayoral Signature Documents

Mayoral signature documents

The conserved Bath Mayoral Signature Documents are now back in place in the Mayor’s Office….

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virtual restoration

Art restoration stories with happy endings: reconstructing a faded handwritten inscription

In this recent project, my client arrived at the studio rather distressed by the rapid…

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Water damage: Widgery watercolour stain removal

Prominent water damage staining was visible in the upper centre of this charming¬† watercolour by…

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Strip lining for a nineteenth century painting on canvas

What is strip lining? In strip lining, also called edge lining, only the tacking edges…

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