conservation framing
conservation framing

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30th December 2017

Charles Jones: Absence of Shepherds

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24th August 2017

Rococo frame restoration

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6th July 2017

Restoring Cromwell

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Fine art conservation framing by Paisley & Pilgrim

We are pleased to provide affordable archival and museum grade fine art framing. We offer the the highest standard of conservation framing, which we believe provides the best long-term protection and conservation options for your artworks or archival documents.

A convenient in house conservation framing service

Our clients find it convenient to use our in house framing service to update or conserve the framing for their restored paintings and artworks. We are delighted to ensure your art is display ready and looking at it’s absolute best. We strive to achieve a sensitive representation for the period and style of your painting in framing choices. Many shade, tone and finish options are offered to ensure an excellent aesthetic fit.

conservation framing

Archival protection for your artwork

Our conservation approach

We work with a carefully selected range of conservation and museum grade mounting and backing boards. Acid free board does not offer longer term conservation benefits, including protection against acidity discolouration developing in the future. We have observed this occurring in mounting only 15 – 20 years old. Our mounting and backing boards are made from primary grade materials with alkali buffering to inhibit acidity. This can delay ageing for several decades.

Key archival features

99% UV protection  conservation glass
Anti-reflection museum glass options
Backings selected to provide excellent moisture and impact protection
We only use archival grade tapes and materials
For sensitive artworks, we have adhesive free mounting methods.
Period frames and reproductions, from the Gothic to the Contemporary
Mid-century Modern period specialists
Expert conservation treatment advice always on hand.

Our range & custom options

We have a wide selection of neutral and accent mounting board hues and a range of historic, classic, modern and neutral frame moulding options are available for your perusal. Our custom hand finishes in wax, stains and paint, including the Farrow & Ball range of colours, to complement your interior finishes.

We are also specialists in linen canvas finishes, slips and insets. This classic look of the mid-century modern period is making a contemporary come back for artists and collectors today. We love the clean texture contrast that canvas gives to bold colours in contemporary painting and prints.

Why does conservation framing matter?

The picture frame is an indispensable means of display and protection for artworks. Unfortunately, poorly specified frames can detract from, and even damage, an artwork. Framing is significant not only to aesthetic presentation, but also to the historical provenance of a painting, drawing or print.

Often, period or original frames are are a valuable asset to be preserved with the artwork. However, original frames may need cleaning, repair or surface restoration. Structural repair of weak or open joints or chips and damages can also be necessary. We offer a full range of restoration services for frames and can discreetly upgrade fittings, backings and glazing to archival conservation standards. Importantly, we will conserve any provenance materials, such as labels, stamps and inscriptions, in place and provide documentary photography of your artworks for future reference.

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